Wednesday, November 16, 2011

outfit | pop o colour

I know it's been a really long time since I've done a proper outfit post. But I've been busy (and a lot bit lazy). Howeverr, I did brave the rain to take these photos. So, y'know, I think that makes up for quite a bit. I'm just sayin'-- I could get sick and die from the rain. It happens (in the 18th century), really. So I think you should forgive and forget comment on my post.

[wearing] : Country Road grey raglan tee  ASOS leather skirt  Steve Madden suede black heels 
American Apparel yellow leather clutch  Cartier  tank watch  Sportsgirl assorted rings

Saturday, November 5, 2011

inspiration | multicoloured nails

If you've ever been on my blog, you'll know I have an slightly unhealthy obsession with reality tv shows. It started in high school when Laguna Beach first began. You can say me and LC pretty much grew up together. (Of course I was on Team LC, naturally). Then LC and I moved to LA, met Heidi, hated Heidi, loved Audrina then we ditched her too. But we still love Lo.

Anyways, before I move onto Brody and that on-and-off relationship. The point of my story is that I love reality tv shows. And that is the sole reason why I started watching Made in Chelsea. Until the Hills, the scripted scenes just feel that much more stages and all those awkward silences. But I loved the english accents and looking at what they wear. But most of all, I love Caggie Dunlop's multicoloured nails.

So much so that I tried my own. This almost feels like a DIY post. Except that it's not. But this is probably the closest to the DIY post you'll ever find on my blog. ever. Watcha think?

p.s. excues the shitty iphone quality and my stubby fingers

giggles | i have no words...

So apparently a group of people gathered in NY to hold a vigil for Kim Kardashian's wedding. I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for her. I'm hoping its done in the extremely tongue-in-cheek manner that's I'm interpreting it as. 
Poor girl. Time to give me a call, she can provide the broken heart and I'll bring the Ben & Jerry (cookie dough ice cream of course- not random boys). 
p.s. I will try and refrain from mention more about KK- it's an unfortunate result form my reality tv addiction

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

dreaming | winter days in summer

winter day in summer

Chloé chunky knit sweater, $2,395
Theory black shorts, £180
Maison Martin Margiela lace up oxford, $795
Miriam Salat sterling silver ring, $325
Dannijo yellow gold ring, $245
Dannijo jewelry, $158
House of Harlow 1960 gold ring, $75

If you live in Sydney, you'd understand how much of a pain in the butt the weather has been lately. It's been playing us hot and cold for the past few days, the warm spring weather that we should be getting seems to be only mildly longer than Kim Kardashian's wedding. Sorry, low-blow I know but I had to go there. It's been all over the news and my tumblr. (Really says something about society, eh? Not that I'm one to complain).
If I was $$$ like Kimmy (i feel like we're BFFs) I would be wearing this on the days when Mr Weatherman is giving me the cold shoulder. Of course, Kimmy will try to encourage me into something tighter, lower and belted at the waist. Alas, I do not have that infamous figure. 
And yes, I would wear Maison Martin Margierla shoes on a rainy day. Because I'm baller like that....and my BFF is KK.
I was about to wish everyone Happy Humpday. But then I realised it's actually Thursday. 
My bad.
Happy almost weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

life | hunter valley II

wearing: Stylestalker dress, Sportsgirl lace & chiffon cardigan
sans shoes

I'd hate to live my life as a stereotype but unfortunately I am asian and I am a cheap drunk. These photos were taken slightly tipsy. But at least my outfit was cute sans shoes. I love this Stylestalker dress, it's from a few seasons ago, especially the mesh cutout and the drape of the dress.