Wednesday, September 28, 2011

long weekend ahead!

If these Isabel Marant gava pumps had a nasty little love child with these Christian Louboutin studded pumps, it would be this baby

Pretty sick, eh?

P.S. I hope everyone has a great labour day long weekend! 

I'm heading off to Hunter Valley and I still haven't packed yet (mainly because I haven't finished my assignment due tomorrow). But the weather is being a temperamental bitch like always so hopefully it shall be sunny for the next few days! 

can't wait!

Monday, September 26, 2011

my pants are hot hot hot pink

wearing: Country Road shirt, Zara pants, Steve Madden shoes, 
Prada bag, Oroton belt

I think that sometimes when you've been living in one city for a long time, or say most of your life, you forget that there are so much beautiful places that you forget about in your everyday hustle. I found this beautiful piece of architectural haven in the middle of the city- right next to Town Hall train station.

It was truly beautiful!

Beautiful like these hot pinks pants I picked up from Zara. I was a bit nervous when I first bought it but after I wore it the first time I realised how truly versatile these pants are! It's love

Thursday, September 22, 2011

my goddess

I've been crazy busy with uni assignments at the moment so I'll just leave you with some pretty pictures and the voice of my goddess- mariah carey.


Friday, September 16, 2011

python skirt

Second consecutive post! Feeling very proud of myself at the moment -- but that's about all I'm feeling. SO EXHAUSTED


Thursday, September 15, 2011

fur fur babyy

I know it looks like I'm not wearing pants. I SWEAR TO GOD I AM
But to be truthful-- it's not an uncommon moment for me to look like I'm not wearing pants. What.A.Slut!

It's almost the weekend! I hope you guys have some exciting plans. I have photos to take and essays to write!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Stripes on stripes? Yes. I am a rebel like that.

Insomnia means an early blog update and watching old episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm still waiting for my Criminal Minds to finish downloading - so addictive!

everyday inspiration

I've been busy with uni work and work for the past week so here's just a glimpse of my past week. Expect a proper outfit post within the next two days!

moon festival // late night at sydney harbour // meet fresh @ chinatown
see by chloe & equipment // bondi junction foodcourt // bay vista
masquerade party 

Have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

nail love

Remember the days when Chanel didn't dictate what shades our nails NEEDED to be painted in (back when they just told us what bag we had to have swinging from our shoulders. 2.55 = my love)? I don't. Looking back, they hardly seemed worth living.

I joke.

But Chanel does have a knack of creating that perfect shade of nail polish to start a worldwide stampede of women rushing to their local store to get onto the waiting list. Remember the jade? I would still kill for a bottle of that.

But it's not good to dwell on the past. So, I have my eye some more recent (read: hopefully easier to find) shades.

image: DDG

These are created especially for Vogue's Fashion Night Out (which is this Thursday!) and I will definitely be battling the crowds to get my hands on one of those. My first instinct was to get Coco Blue or Blue Rebel but I already have OPI's "What's with the cattitude?" and "Russian Navy" so I'm leaning towards Blue Boy. But who knows, I'll probably come home with not even one bottle.

Mainly because the one shade I cannot get out of my mind is Mimosa.


This baby is going to get me all through summer. Now- all I need to do is hunt it down. Unless Uncle Karl is reading this blog and would like to send me a bottle? a girl can dream right?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Burnt Orange

I bought this dress at a cute little store in DFO at Melbourne. But as much as I love it- it creases way to easily! I ironed it in the morning and all those creases that you see in the photos? From a less than 30 minute car ride. I'm a pretty lazy person and sometimes (mostly) I don't wear some of the some clothes because I can't be bothered to iron it in the morning. This dress really takes the cake though.

Portable iron perhaps?

Also, this is my first time wearing over the knee socks. What do you think?