Wednesday, October 19, 2011

shopping | michael kors

image: shopbop

I'm a sucker for marketing techniques; sales, limited edition, last item left. I wanted to buy this watch when it first came out and since then it's been all over the blogosphere. When things like that happen; I have contradicting feelings of not-really-wanting-it-anymore and feelings of intense I NEED TO HAVE IT. 

But then it became sold out on Shopbop and so my dream went poof!

Then something magical happened, Shopbop emailed me a Friends & Family 20% off code AND THEN the watch was in stock again AND THEN the site said there was only 1 more left. Mes amis, that is fate

What else could I do but buy it?

Friday, October 14, 2011

life | lazy bones

images|tumblr & gary pepper vintage

don't quite know what it is, or why. But lately I've been having way more fun exploring blogs then actually posting or taking photos. I blame it on pending exams. Litigation? More fun to watch then to actually study for. 

But who knows.

Perhaps I'll be back to normal tomorrow.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hunter Valley I

Over the past weekend, quite a while ago I know, I went to Hunter Valley for some R&R. It's about a 2-3 hour drive from Sydney and I swear it's in my DNA or something, the moment we hit a highway- I fall asleep. How gorgeous is the house? It's called Pepper Convent and it used to be a convent that's been converted into a hotel. It's got this beautiful Victorian feel that's mesmerizing.

This was the nicest ice cream! It's called Apple Pie from the Smelly Cheese Shop; they even had the best part of pies THE CRUMBLE.

Even the local convenience store at Hunter Valley was absolutely charming. It was nice to be away somewhere that's down to earth and farmy. But to be honest, I doubt I could stay there for long. I find it hard to be at places that are completely dark at night. Call me paranoid, but I hate the dark. I much prefer the lights and noises of a busy city.

I know I complain about the weather a lot in my blog but it honestly does feel like every time I want to take photos, it rains on me. The weather took a very cold turn a few days before the trip so it was the perfect excuse to bring my new black sheep gilet from Saba*.

*by new, I really just mean newly acquired from my mum's wardrobe. It's the best place to shop <3

have a great weekend!


Fashion blogging was something that I started after months (possibly even years) of consideration. It's a difficult step to take because you know there's always going to be haters out there- and what's worse than negative reactions, is no reaction at all. 

It's a thought that I always try to keep in my head; I blog for myself and I will keep true to myself. But that's not always true- everyone needs vindication for what they do, including yours truly. But I never thought I would receive the amount of support that I do. I know I don't always update very frequently, and I don't always have the time to reply to comments. Ideally I'd love to have the time to reply everyone and visit all your blogs- the ones that I have visited really did blow me away!

But I digress, what I wanted to blog about was just my excitement and gratitude at being featured as Chicisimo's fashionista of the day. I've never been featured before and it still continues to surprise me when people follow my blog or any of my profile on fashion sites.

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's supported me, either by your comments or just simply reading my blog. And I wanted to thank you boyfriend for taking photos for me and putting up with my constant shopping! :)

Love you all! <3

p.s. there will be a proper post asap!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

cloudy skies, bright coloured skirt

I'm one of those people that thoroughly believes that the weather has a definite impact on your mood. I also believe that what you wear has an impact on how you feel too.

So what's the best way to combat a cloudy, gloomy day? Wear a bright skirt, of course!

wearing: Peppermint dress (worn as top), Charcoal skirt, Dad's belt, 
Cambridge Satchel, Nine West shoes

I purchased this skirt from a little store at Melbourne's DFO. It was seriously good shopping there, SO much better compared to the DFO at Sydney!

This is actually supposed to be a dress, I bought it from Nastygal more than a year ago; back when the Miu Miu cat print was all the craze. But I'm still loving the print, especially considering my newfound passion for all things navy and lace!
I bought these pair of shoes from Nine West, probably two years ago and I swear I thought the heel was higher when I first bought it. It really goes to show how outrageously tall heels have gotten in the past 2-3 years! The bag is a present from my bf :) !! He ordered it from the Cambridge Satchel Company almost 2-3 months ago and it only just came in the mail. During that time he emailed them about it but there was never any response from them!! I online shop ALOT and I've never bumped into such bad customer service before. TERRIBLE! Especially considering how popular their satchels are!!

Anyways, thanks for reading! Have a great and lazy Sunday! :)