Wednesday, October 19, 2011

shopping | michael kors

image: shopbop

I'm a sucker for marketing techniques; sales, limited edition, last item left. I wanted to buy this watch when it first came out and since then it's been all over the blogosphere. When things like that happen; I have contradicting feelings of not-really-wanting-it-anymore and feelings of intense I NEED TO HAVE IT. 

But then it became sold out on Shopbop and so my dream went poof!

Then something magical happened, Shopbop emailed me a Friends & Family 20% off code AND THEN the watch was in stock again AND THEN the site said there was only 1 more left. Mes amis, that is fate

What else could I do but buy it?


CR said...

sell your soul to the devil!??? hahahah lol no please..not for a watcch.