Friday, October 7, 2011

Hunter Valley I

Over the past weekend, quite a while ago I know, I went to Hunter Valley for some R&R. It's about a 2-3 hour drive from Sydney and I swear it's in my DNA or something, the moment we hit a highway- I fall asleep. How gorgeous is the house? It's called Pepper Convent and it used to be a convent that's been converted into a hotel. It's got this beautiful Victorian feel that's mesmerizing.

This was the nicest ice cream! It's called Apple Pie from the Smelly Cheese Shop; they even had the best part of pies THE CRUMBLE.

Even the local convenience store at Hunter Valley was absolutely charming. It was nice to be away somewhere that's down to earth and farmy. But to be honest, I doubt I could stay there for long. I find it hard to be at places that are completely dark at night. Call me paranoid, but I hate the dark. I much prefer the lights and noises of a busy city.

I know I complain about the weather a lot in my blog but it honestly does feel like every time I want to take photos, it rains on me. The weather took a very cold turn a few days before the trip so it was the perfect excuse to bring my new black sheep gilet from Saba*.

*by new, I really just mean newly acquired from my mum's wardrobe. It's the best place to shop <3

have a great weekend!


Annie said...

I love your jeans!

Miss Jess said...

You look dazzling in that picture sitting by the window =)

<3, J

jenny michelle said...

your hair is gorgeous! :)