Tuesday, January 31, 2012

loving | louis vuitton campaign

I know that there has been some mixed reviewed regarding louis vuitton's latest ad campaigns, personally I love it-- there's always something so alluring about pastels and softs fabrics after a harsh winter. 
I know I didn't technically experience the winter, but spiritually- I was there during the snow and the bitter winds. Dressed in outrageous fur and 3 layers of stockings, of course

Anyways, I digress. But really, there's nothing more I can say. 
The frosty overtones and the sweet colours speak for themselves.

Lemon sorbet, anyone?


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

outfit | lemon yellow

Wearing: Topshop denim shirt, MNG tank underneath, ASOS skirt
Nine West nude wedges, Michael Kors watch
Low Luv bangle & ring, Prada bag

I'm definitely going through a yellow phase, I'm craving a pair of yellow jeans but I'm undecided between a bright mustard yellow or a pale pastel yellow. Although I may have overdosed on mustard last winter, it's still such a beautiful hue. 

These nude wedges look incredible comfy, but every time I wear them I get blisters on my toe. Yuck

Thursday, January 19, 2012

life | vogue + starbucks

I spent a very nice and relaxing afternoon at Starbucks. I like sitting in cafes, with a good book and people watch (of course, the book is only a prop to hide my inner stalker). As commercialised as it is, I enjoy the jazzy music at Starbucks, especially when there's a quieter upstairs section. It's rare to find a cafe in Sydney besides Starbucks or Gloria Jeans that let you sit there with just a drink and a book, and no pressure to order more. If anyone knows any, let me know!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dreaming | silver toes

These shoes have been dancing across my mine. They're on sale at net-a-porter. The best part about living in the Souther Hemisphere is getting my grubby little hands on the sales before the weather actually sets in. I've been wanting a pair of silver or white (think: A.Wang) boots for awhile now. I saw a pair of normal pumps with the silver cap at Chanel when I went in for my flats, but alas, the price was such a downer. 

These would be perfect for light floral dress and a leather jacket when the weather gets a little bit cooler or a pair of burgundy jeans, white shirt and faux fur jacket in the dead of winter.

Temptation, thou art a cruel bitch. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

outfit | minty sunset

wearing: Wrangler denim shorts, Sportsgirl shirt, RMK tan boots, 
Sportsgirl clutch, Chopard watch

Summer means longer days and beautiful sunsets. If I had to choose one item to wear throughout summer, it would be my white denim shorts. Granted, it'll be a bitch trying to keep clean, but it makes the whole outfit so much more casual and summery

p.s. i've had coldplay's new song, paradise, on repeat the whole day. there's where i want to be right now, and paradise means beautiful beaches and cocktails in a pineapple with a mini pink umbrella. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

preview | pretty in spots

Fear not, an outfit post is fast on its way- as soon as I learn to use Aperture, that is. 

My new year's resolution this year (for my blog) is to update more frequently and not to compromise quantity with quality. So, I'm going to try my best to force my technologically-stumped brain some photo editing skills, so that I can update with lots of photos that are worthwhile. 

Wish me luck!

inspiration | all things neon

I am loving this image!

Sometimes, it's easy to be drawn into a separate bubble world of fashion and forget how much it impacts on the rest of your life. It's always easier to feel better when you're dresses better; personal opinion. When I saw this picture on Tumblr, it really reminded me of how much fashion and interior design is interrelated.

Minimalistic colour blocking with a neon highlighter yellow?

That's a pretty funky wall!

A game of spot the difference anyone?

Photo credits: tumblr.com

Sunday, January 8, 2012

inspiration | it's a new year already!

I hope everyone's been having a relaxing and present-filled holidays! 

The weatherman over here in Sydney has finally dragged its ass out of bed and started to catch up to the date on the calendar i.e. it's actually starting to feel like summer now. Although, it's a lot more humid and sticky than I remember it ever being.

However, brilliant summer weather means an opportunity to wear everything that I've been dying to wear since the overflow of summer outfit inspirations from all the northern hemisphere blogs!

So, for the upcoming new year. I promise a lot more blog posts and a lot less bitching.