Tuesday, August 30, 2011

erin wasson

Images: http://gofashionlane.blogspot.com
Erin Wasson for Elle France

She kinda just embodies the ultimate idea of what is cool.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

who likes short shorts?

I tend to jump into warm weather very quickly- I start taking off the stockings and wearing skirts and shorts as soon as there's a slightly warmer weather and a sunny day. But on days like today, I end up cold at night and with a runny nose. Attractive.

I bought these lace shorts from Topshop probably almost 2 years ago and they've been sitting in my wardrobe collecting dust ever since. I found them when I was cleaning out a section of my clothes last night and found them. They are sooo comfortable to wear and I love how they are slightly flared at the bottom.

Monday, August 22, 2011

feeling like a poet

gorgeous yellow lilies my dad bought for my mum!
yummy beef pho

Wearing: Lulu&Rose white shirt, Sportsgirl red sweater, Sportsgirl black mini, Prada black bag

I bought this red sweater from Sportsgirl early this winter and it's be in constant circulation! But I think I bought it a bit oversized, despite its oversized nature. I'm not the skinniest girl- so whilst oversized items are still cute and wearable, too oversized means that I look an instant 10kgs heavier.You can't tell from the photos, but the sweater has giant balloon sleeves- I almost feels like an Elizabethan poet!

ANYWAYS- I was taking photos today with the bf and we got kicked out by security. I'm pretty sure he just wanted somewhere quite to eat his lunch meal hahaa. We went to our favourite casual restaurant, Miss Saigon, which has the yummiest Vietnamese food. The weather is getting definitely warmer, I can't wait until I can wear shorts without my stockings :) 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i don't think you know

You meet so many people everyday, everyone of them have their own unique story to tell. If the butterfly effect is to be believed, then every single one of them has the potential to truly define your future.

Yet, so few of them have the opportunity to become truly memorable among the sea of people that you pass everyday. So few of them will ever impact you or even cause the smallest change to your predestined route. The people who move me are those who walk with a purpose, the ones who look like they have some great and absolute higher calling. It's beyond what they wear (as attractive as they are), it's the attitude that surrounds them as they move to their destination.

Most of the people I meet talk about "only living once" and everyone these days likes to sprout on about living once and making the most of it. But I think it takes someone special to truly live their lives. I don't believe that living your life is about being reckless or irresponsible, it's beyond having fun and going to crazy parties. It's about knowing exactly who you are and what you want and walking towards that destination everyday. I believe everyone has a purpose, whether it be big or small. You could be changing the world or just making everyone surrounding you that little bit happier.

So, to everyone out there that's walking with a purpose, you have no idea how much you inspire me.

Me? I'm still waiting for my higher calling.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I love this sweater, it's the perfect blend of colour and casual-chic. I really wanted to wear it with a flippy skirt but it didn't seem to suit so I just ended up wearing my corduroy circle skirt. I swear, high-waisted skirts are a lifesaver. It's the perfect way give a really simple outfit that extra pop.

Plus, thank god for the beautiful weather today. It was forecasted for rain for the whole weekend and I was worried that I wouldn't be able get any outfit shots. Luckily, the weather was great and so ta-da!

Friday, August 19, 2011


i finally joined the bandwagon and succumbed to the calling of twitter.

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p.s. do you like my nerdface glasses?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

just chilling


If I had nothing to do all day but to look cool and take shots. 

Wildfox Couture printed top, $172
Secret;BB distressed denim shorts, $68
Christian Louboutin lace up shoes, $835
Yves Saint Laurent black silver jewelry, $275

brigitte, is that you?

I'm not usually a fan of Kirsten Steward, and if I was to be perfectly honest. Her face on magazines tends to annoy me, the whole I'm always so angry look is so outdated. I like people who are grateful for what they have and she's living teenage girl's dreams, but she looks constantly pissed off.

But I give credit where it's due. She looks damn fine in the W shoot. I almost didn't even recognise her. I'm loving the throwback to Old Hollywood.

All the g l a m o u r - 

Winged eyeliner. Brigitte Bardot hair. Sexpot lips


i die

i *drool*

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

why wouldn't my coat match my umbrella?

wearing: Bardot red jacket, Supre skirt, Zara red umbrella, Miu Miu Matelasse bag, Aldo boots

I have a deep appreciation for umbrellas. Not just for the fact that they keep the rain off of me (and save my make-up) but mainly for their aesthetic value. I'm not denying that they're a pain in the ass to carry out but very easy to lose. But I love myself a pretty umbrella on a gloomy rainy day. 

This is my first time using my bright red umbrella that I picked up in Zara, last time I visited Shanghai. So I was very excited to wear my bright red Bardot jacket to match it. I've been trying to find red coat all winter, ideally I'd want a peacoat style with a hoody, but haven't been able to find any. This red one came out a while back and I was tempted but I wanted to find my ideal one. Then I never did find my perfect one, and Bardot went on sale. So I decided to buy this jacket near the end of winter. 

Logic 0. Sales Marketing 1.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

meet my moustache

playing with the moustache themed items i picked up from typo

(ignore the terrible quality of my old-school sony vaio)

oh nasty days

I just received my first of two orders from Nasty Gal! So excitied! It was one of my first online stores that I ever shopped from and I've constantly had good experiences with them. Especially with the selection that I can find there. It doesn't have as much of a range as you'd necessarily expect from shops like asos.com or shopbop.com but the range of gorgeous and I'm always compelled to buy something. To be honest, I have my eye on a few items for my next purchase already (not the best news for my credit card debt).

How gorgeous is this Zara jacket? I love the metallic tweed with pink undertones. The photos really don't do it any justice. I adore the motorcycle style of the jacket- the perfect juxtaposition of gorgeous and classic tweed and an edgier downtown-chic style. The perfect mix of Chanel and Alexander Wang! The fit was a tad big around the waist area but they didn't have any smalls. If anyone's been to Sydney Zara, they'd understand my dilemma too, items get sold out so fast. So I'm hoping a small comes in soon and then I can exchange it! But either ways, the fabric is very lightweight and perfect for the upcoming spring.

On other news, I've finally built my 40th level on Tiny Towers! Celebration all rounds pleaseee!! It's very reminiscent of the Tomagochis from yesteryear. After my primary school banned children from bringing Tomagochis to school, my dad (aka my hero) used to take it to work with him so my Jelly (the dinosaur) could stay alive. I was always petrified that he would get into trouble, like I did when I was caught sneaking out to my bag to feed my Jelly instead of going to pee like I said I was. That fear subsided after my dad's boss started bringing two Tomagochis to work when they were banned at his children's school.

I can only assume lunchtime at their workplace involved more feeding of virtual pets rather than feeding themselves.

can't wait until stereo

can't wait until stereo

I finally received my crochet top from nastygal and I can't wait until I can wear it to Stereosonic later this year. But knowing me, I'll probably change my mind before that!

Vero Moda crochet top, £38
Denim shorts, €54
Jeffrey Campbell mid heel boots, $240
Antique gold jewelry, $285
House of Harlow 1960 cuffs jewelry, £180
Ray-Ban glass shades

Monday, August 15, 2011


”Emma Watson is in bloom” Editorial for i-D 314. The Pick Me Up Issue

She takes my breath away. 

I am very jelly.

if i didn't have work tomorrow...

a little bit rock & roll

Wearing: Freshjive tee, Saba leather jacket, Agent 99 leggings, Siren studded heels, American Apparel leather clutch, Mosman silver necklace
I'm a huge fan of wearing boy's clothes, they're much more comfortable and are very friendly to my food
babies! They're especially comfortable in the form on an oversized jumper but during warmer days, a boy's t-shirt are a great alternative (as are boyfriend-style shirts).  I found this Freshjive shirt from a store at Melbourne's DFO and it was on an amazing discount. I love that it's just the right length for me to wear it with a pair of leggings. I think an absolute necessity of wearing over-sized items is to make sure that the rest of your outfit is more streamlined. I kinda wish my leather jacket was more fitted around the waist but I still like the way it turned out.