Wednesday, August 17, 2011

why wouldn't my coat match my umbrella?

wearing: Bardot red jacket, Supre skirt, Zara red umbrella, Miu Miu Matelasse bag, Aldo boots

I have a deep appreciation for umbrellas. Not just for the fact that they keep the rain off of me (and save my make-up) but mainly for their aesthetic value. I'm not denying that they're a pain in the ass to carry out but very easy to lose. But I love myself a pretty umbrella on a gloomy rainy day. 

This is my first time using my bright red umbrella that I picked up in Zara, last time I visited Shanghai. So I was very excited to wear my bright red Bardot jacket to match it. I've been trying to find red coat all winter, ideally I'd want a peacoat style with a hoody, but haven't been able to find any. This red one came out a while back and I was tempted but I wanted to find my ideal one. Then I never did find my perfect one, and Bardot went on sale. So I decided to buy this jacket near the end of winter. 

Logic 0. Sales Marketing 1.


Plami said...

Such a stylish outfit!!! I love that your coat matches your umbrella!! Can't wait for fall to come here as well so I can layer :)


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.