Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surely it's spring soon?

It feels like it's been winter forever, but for the past few days it been feeling like spring so I took advantage of the sun and wore my burgundy pleated maxi. My toesies haven't felt the sun or the breeze in awhile, so they really enjoyed the sun! And I just want to apologise for some of the photos, my lens started to fog up! I swear its the crazy Sydney weather being its usual tempermental self.

Sportsgirl sweater and belt, Tattoo burgundy maxi, Tony Bianco cutout wedges, Mulberry clutch

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Winter Blues

I always knew my immune system wasn't that great, but I never imagined it to be the equivalent of the tiny, wimpy kid that got picked on throughout high school. I guess we all make mistakes. This is the third time in the past 4 months that I've got sick. Runny nose, sore throat, headaches and fever. The whole works. That's some serious bad luck if you ask me. Let's hope the gods are fair, and to make up for all that bad luck with an extra dose of good luck for my clerkship applications? Here's to hoping. It's only fair considering that I sent out applications in a medicated-fever-haze. Lesson learnt? Don't leave finished applications sitting in a folder to send out at the last possible moment in hopes of last minute courage.

That is my poor attempt at trying to explain the lack of posts. I'm apologise to the 4.5 readers I have out there :)

Anyways, I finally dragged my drugged-up self out of bed on Sunday to get some much needed fresh air. Of course, that meant pigging out with the bf and window shopping (I'm still on that ban since Melbourne).

We went to the Apple Store at Bondi Junction and I had some fun with the Ipad2.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's funny how the most stressful part of my clerkship applications is the actual process of clicking that tiny 'submit' button. I think it's the knowledge that after that, it's all up to the Gods of CyberSpace and completely beyond my control.

The paralysing fear of sending xxx amount of applications and receiving minimal replies is daunting to say the least. Thank goodness for online shopping and a piling number of unread blogs.

Distractions. Procrastination. Last night feasts.

All in the name of stress management, of course.

Image Source: Unknown
(I found these on my laptop, if anyone knows please let me know so I can give due credit!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy Busy Days

The past week and a bit has been a whirlwind of food, travelling, work and clerkship applications for the upcoming summer. I went to Melbourne during the past weekend so be on the lookout for future Melbourne (aka. shopping and food) related posts. In the meantime, here's a few photos and short snippets of what I've been up to since my last post.

P.s. I went to watch Harry Potter last thursday and it was great! I'm a bit disappointed regarding the ending but I didn't much care for it in the book either. However, all the action made it completely worth it! I'm glad I watched it early and there was still lots of sessions for 2D showings. I'm not a big fan of 3D movies, they give me a headache :(

 my gorgeous gorgeous almost-like-a-sister

a little present from Net-a-Porter from myself
i lost my old YSL artsy ring a few months ago so I replaced it with a new one before my mum realises and kills me-- so my little present wasn't so much a present as it was a constant reminder of the fact that i lost my first ring 

my daily breakfast ritual before work; plus or minus the tim-tam fingers but the coffee is a MUST 

 pitstop at Harry's for their famous hot dogs during my lunch break

 looks so much better than it tastes. i still like the original one, not a big fan of these green tea flavoured 

yummy yummy yummy (except for the liquorice..urgh)

i love receiving catalogues from my favourite high-end stores but not so much the reminders of new store openings when I'm on a shopping ban after the damage I did in Melbourne.
Must. Resist. Temptation.

absolutely gorgeous sydney day 

drinks at the ivy during ALSA 

flying off to melbourne 

 a little preview of Melbourne
its all food, wine and shopping 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Windy Days

It was such a windy day today, so I probably shouldn't have worn my pleated skirt. It was flying everywhere! But I've been wanting to wear it for so long so to hell with the weather! But I wore it with my favourite cashmere cardigan, so at least I was somewhat weather appropriate. It was an outfit I chucked on quickly this  morning after oversleeping and being late for meeting up with my friend. I've been sick recently, so my nose is making it extremely hard for me to sleep. I ended up buying a gorgeous Sass & Bide tan leather A-line skirt; which I may or may not be regretting at the moment.

I watched Transformers 3 and it was great! A lot of people didn't like it because it was too similar to Transformers 2, but what do they expect? It's a franchise so they will churn out the same things WHICH I LOVE! Had dinner at this great Japanese bbq buffet at Martin Place which was really yummy. I tried beef tartare for the first time! It was very strange, didn't taste too much like beef rather like a slight crunchy vegetable. I'm not a huge adventurer in regards to food, so I'm very proud of myself.

I start work training tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Good night!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Follow where the train goes

During uni breaks, unless I have any holidays planned I tend to find myself at a lost of what to do. I'm starting work this wednesday so here's just a few photos of what I've been up to.