Tuesday, August 16, 2011

oh nasty days

I just received my first of two orders from Nasty Gal! So excitied! It was one of my first online stores that I ever shopped from and I've constantly had good experiences with them. Especially with the selection that I can find there. It doesn't have as much of a range as you'd necessarily expect from shops like asos.com or shopbop.com but the range of gorgeous and I'm always compelled to buy something. To be honest, I have my eye on a few items for my next purchase already (not the best news for my credit card debt).

How gorgeous is this Zara jacket? I love the metallic tweed with pink undertones. The photos really don't do it any justice. I adore the motorcycle style of the jacket- the perfect juxtaposition of gorgeous and classic tweed and an edgier downtown-chic style. The perfect mix of Chanel and Alexander Wang! The fit was a tad big around the waist area but they didn't have any smalls. If anyone's been to Sydney Zara, they'd understand my dilemma too, items get sold out so fast. So I'm hoping a small comes in soon and then I can exchange it! But either ways, the fabric is very lightweight and perfect for the upcoming spring.

On other news, I've finally built my 40th level on Tiny Towers! Celebration all rounds pleaseee!! It's very reminiscent of the Tomagochis from yesteryear. After my primary school banned children from bringing Tomagochis to school, my dad (aka my hero) used to take it to work with him so my Jelly (the dinosaur) could stay alive. I was always petrified that he would get into trouble, like I did when I was caught sneaking out to my bag to feed my Jelly instead of going to pee like I said I was. That fear subsided after my dad's boss started bringing two Tomagochis to work when they were banned at his children's school.

I can only assume lunchtime at their workplace involved more feeding of virtual pets rather than feeding themselves.