Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dreaming | silver toes

These shoes have been dancing across my mine. They're on sale at net-a-porter. The best part about living in the Souther Hemisphere is getting my grubby little hands on the sales before the weather actually sets in. I've been wanting a pair of silver or white (think: A.Wang) boots for awhile now. I saw a pair of normal pumps with the silver cap at Chanel when I went in for my flats, but alas, the price was such a downer. 

These would be perfect for light floral dress and a leather jacket when the weather gets a little bit cooler or a pair of burgundy jeans, white shirt and faux fur jacket in the dead of winter.

Temptation, thou art a cruel bitch. 


Plami said...

I need these in m life! Gorgeous!

Thank you so much for expressing you opinion on my blog! I agree with you the loss of Galliano hurts badly