Friday, October 7, 2011


Fashion blogging was something that I started after months (possibly even years) of consideration. It's a difficult step to take because you know there's always going to be haters out there- and what's worse than negative reactions, is no reaction at all. 

It's a thought that I always try to keep in my head; I blog for myself and I will keep true to myself. But that's not always true- everyone needs vindication for what they do, including yours truly. But I never thought I would receive the amount of support that I do. I know I don't always update very frequently, and I don't always have the time to reply to comments. Ideally I'd love to have the time to reply everyone and visit all your blogs- the ones that I have visited really did blow me away!

But I digress, what I wanted to blog about was just my excitement and gratitude at being featured as Chicisimo's fashionista of the day. I've never been featured before and it still continues to surprise me when people follow my blog or any of my profile on fashion sites.

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's supported me, either by your comments or just simply reading my blog. And I wanted to thank you boyfriend for taking photos for me and putting up with my constant shopping! :)

Love you all! <3

p.s. there will be a proper post asap!


Alice said...

well done girlie