Monday, September 26, 2011

my pants are hot hot hot pink

wearing: Country Road shirt, Zara pants, Steve Madden shoes, 
Prada bag, Oroton belt

I think that sometimes when you've been living in one city for a long time, or say most of your life, you forget that there are so much beautiful places that you forget about in your everyday hustle. I found this beautiful piece of architectural haven in the middle of the city- right next to Town Hall train station.

It was truly beautiful!

Beautiful like these hot pinks pants I picked up from Zara. I was a bit nervous when I first bought it but after I wore it the first time I realised how truly versatile these pants are! It's love


Miss Jess said...

I'm in love with those pink pants! I know colorblocking is trending right now but you are definitely one of the few that make it work! I am following.


Alexandra Pauly said...

Nice jeans! I have a pair from Rag & Bone in an equally bright shade of red, and they are amazing :)

Jessica L. said...

Wow, your photos are gorgeous! And so are you hot pink pants too! I love them! - Jessica