Tuesday, September 6, 2011

nail love

Remember the days when Chanel didn't dictate what shades our nails NEEDED to be painted in (back when they just told us what bag we had to have swinging from our shoulders. 2.55 = my love)? I don't. Looking back, they hardly seemed worth living.

I joke.

But Chanel does have a knack of creating that perfect shade of nail polish to start a worldwide stampede of women rushing to their local store to get onto the waiting list. Remember the jade? I would still kill for a bottle of that.

But it's not good to dwell on the past. So, I have my eye some more recent (read: hopefully easier to find) shades.

image: DDG

These are created especially for Vogue's Fashion Night Out (which is this Thursday!) and I will definitely be battling the crowds to get my hands on one of those. My first instinct was to get Coco Blue or Blue Rebel but I already have OPI's "What's with the cattitude?" and "Russian Navy" so I'm leaning towards Blue Boy. But who knows, I'll probably come home with not even one bottle.

Mainly because the one shade I cannot get out of my mind is Mimosa.

image: theblayreport.com

This baby is going to get me all through summer. Now- all I need to do is hunt it down. Unless Uncle Karl is reading this blog and would like to send me a bottle? a girl can dream right?


Tina said...

I want yellow polish too!

Plami said...

gorgeous! I want to buy a dark blue nail polish!



Lisa said...

Yep, the Mimose is so so perfect... Although it's probably not the best color for me to wear (I'm rather pale unfortunately) I still love seeing it!

Love, Lisa

Jessica L. said...

Blues for nail polish! It's in and that's also what I'm into, among other things this season!- Jessica