Thursday, March 29, 2012

bondi wanderings.

(1) bondi beach
(2) & (3) loving the palm trees
(4) the mosaics seats dotted along the street
(5)& (7) asos skirt, sportsgirl knit, lv petit noe
(6) i love the colours! need it in my room
(9) one of the best burgers i've had in awhile
(10) sydney's answer to pinkberry
(11) how very retro

I know I haven't been the most dedicated blogger as of late. 
But I figured I better post these photos before another weekend comes and goes
The past saturday, I went to Bondi Beach with my other pea ( because we're two peas in a pod)for a catch-up session and good food
It probably wasn't the best idea, eating so close to so many shops

Now, don't get me wrong. I love shopping in big shopping centres (or m-alls) as much as the next girl. But, there's something so intimate about shopping at boutiques and walking down the street search for the next store. Especially when the sun is bright and everyone around you is dressed so well. 

the other pea came armed with a list of things to do and buy...
he ended up with a new pair of chinos
whilst i ended up another shopping bag from tuchuzy and a much much lighter wallet

But there's something about bondi beach and the surrounding streets that i enjoy so much. there's so many cafes to try and chill at- and so much things to do and buy

and just walking down the street, people are so well-dressed
but not in the stuffy way. it's all very effortless chic

Visual orgasm.


Minnie said...

Great place. I love the palm trees too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.